Saturday, July 15, 2017

Time moves so fast, out with old and in with the new.

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while, again- but hey! What's your summer fishing been like? The night bite used to be our favorite time of year. We  often find ourselves missing those days- the wee beginnings, times were simpler and all we did was practically fish for our R&D of Cactus Wren! HA, what a dream that is slowly turning into reality- must I say a long lingering reality. Now, it sounds pessimistic; but it's not. You must laugh at life, it gets tough and you have you to try and try tirelessly. Find the passion and keep going after it, no matter all odds.

However, we feel we have a few things to update all of our amazing following and team on! Hooray, get on with it right? Ha, Ha! :)

Cactus Wren is still going strong- we've removed our Famous Quail Tails from the website- TEMPORARILY, YES. Don't worry, those precious gems will be back.
Also, in the meantime if you ever need them for a emergency fishing needs, just give us a call- we love happy customers and are always willing to go the extra mile. (602) 361-5904

Have you seen our new amazing lures by the way? We've got some new exclusive Finesse Worms and Swim Baits, they're neat! Go on, give them a try!

No big into online shopping? That's okay- check out our local retailers:
Lowergear Outdoors in Tempe, AZ.
Southwest Kayaks in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Overall, CW is run the same as always, we are small business ran out of our house. We couldn't be more happy and proud, yet things turn and grow slower. We are proud to announce SAME DAY SHIPPING, if ordered before 12pm each day. So don't miss out, also- we have new monthly sales- each month for our anglers! What a deal, we just want to honor our customers with gratitude. Thank you, for each and every one who enjoys our products!

We overall strive to bring "The reaction you've been waiting for!"
Don't forget our all time offer- when you purchase any CW Baits,
share your catch with us and receive a FREE bag of lures.

Thank you for fishing with Cactus Wren Outdoors. Until next time, tight lines!

Butel Family

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Check Check Check it out!

Hey there fellow fishing enthusiasts!

So we've got an update for Ya'll! It's been a while, and what do you know; here we are in the spring of 2017, ready to fish now more than ever.

Just a few things for you to know, Cactus Wren relocated to the gorgeous town of Lake Havasu, Arizona. Great things have been to follow- so come and check out Southwest Kayaks under the Famous London Bridge in LHC! We've got fishing lures, fishing kayaks, adventure kayaks, camp and adventure setups, and the list continues on and on. Seriously- if your looking for a wonderful time on the water, we are your one stop shop.

As for that- we have got a NEW Website with NEW PRODUCTS, and some killer changes. We currently offer SAME DAY SHIPPING! YES! As long as you process your order by 12pm MST, we will ship it out same day USPS. YEEHAAW! This is a huge step of improvement. Also- we've got bigger bait count bags now! All in all, we've changed for the better and are ready to keep moving.

Our little family is sure busy, and well- we once again can't be more thankful our amazing customers, promotional fishing staff family, and anyone who is reading this just for the heck of it.


Until next time, keep on keeping- and tight lines guys!

Justin & Alex Butel

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Change is good, no- it's great. :)

Hey Wren Anglers!

So, it's been a really long time since our last post! Things are crazy in the wren house, between our little man, bait making, tournaments, expos, Justin working a full time job and just day to day life; we wonder how we possibly have all the energy to keep up! :) We just wanted to give a quick update- we've got a lot of changes coming to Cactus Wren Outdoors. We are excited and nervous, but that's what it's all about.

First and most importantly- BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND CONTINUED WREN SUPPORTERS!!! Ya'll seriously make the tough times just a bit sweeter. We couldn't thank you enough for fishing with Cactus Wren Outdoors. :)

Next, I feel the urge to explain- Cactus Wren is still a very small company! It's completely ran out of our house, and all of our products are handmade. With this comes outstanding products with excellent quality. Yet, the bigger problem we are facing is we have some trouble keeping up with demands. We are truly grateful for everyone fishing with us, we just want to bring customers some perspective about our company. This is why you see our shipping and lead times 7-15 days, to process and ship. Please, please be patient and considerate of our situation. We are still people too, we have families and lives outside of our business and fishing. Wait, did I seriously just say that...Who am I kidding.
Fishing is life! :D Hahaha! All in all, our sincere apologies for the delays on orders online and in our retail shops. We think we have some great plans to grow and expand in 2017, so wish us luck as we head towards the goals.

Now, changes you hear- yeah, you've heard that before. Well business is tough and we are working towards goals of new products, and new things we've created. I can't share all the news, unfortunately. But here's what I can tell you- we've changed the following.
1. Our bag count went from 5 to 10.
2. Our prices went from $3.29 to $7.29

These changes will make your packs last longer, and will help our company grow quicker.
We hope our customers understand and enjoy these changes. Please remember, we are a specialty custom lure company- that is very small and growing.

Last thing, we have a sale for you- Starting today 8/02/16 going through 9/02/16.
30% off orders of $45 or more!


Our goal at Cactus Wren Outdoors, is to provide a quality product and a wonderful fishing experience to all. Thank you again for following along, fishing with us or just simply joining our journey by becoming a new friend. We look forward to the future ahead, and to seeing you on the water.

Tight Lines,

Alex Butel

Friday, June 26, 2015

Anglers spoke, we listened! Check out our changes!

Hey Everybody!

So we are all on the same page....I just wanted to touch base again, we have made some changes to the TBA Motor Less Division. We feel this will accommodate anglers concerns and feedback we've received. We really enjoy putting these events on, and it is in our full intentions to only bring you all a memorable experience while making new fishing buds, and collecting some winnings too! Talk about a WIN - WIN! :)

So, here it is in a nut shell- 
1st- $60 Season Membership fee is a one time fee (per season)
*This is to ensure we can take care of insurance, and permits for the events we hold for our anglers. This fee is a ONE TIME ONLY fee, however you must pay it to fish a TBA Motor Less event. TBA Motor Less division will hold 2-tournament season per year, we will run a Summer Night Fishing Season, and a regular Winter/Spring Season. So you will have to pay your Membership dues at the beginning of each season. Whether you fish once, or just twice- you still have to pay like everyone else. 

2nd- $50 Entry Fee at 100% PAYBACK! Hallelujah, right? We've worked really hard at TBA to get the best payouts to satisfy all anglers. Pays 1-3 Boats, which means- if 10 boats show up we pay - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place...and so forth. All in all, more boats the better and further we pay out! Let's gather all our fishing buds, and have a great time!

3rd- $5 Big Fish Entry Fee 100% PAYBACK! *This is optional; you don't have to be in this pot. So how this goes, it Angler with the single longest measured bass at the end of the event, will win this pot!

NOW Let's talk Championship!! Every TBA Motor Less Season ends with a Championship, which will be loaded with all kinds of things to get hyped about! Here's how it works-

1st- Anglers must fish a certain minimum of tournament events to qualify for the championship! *3 out of 4 events for the 2015 Summer Night Tournaments! * 
ONLY ANGLERS WHO QUALIFY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP, CAN FISH THE CHAMPIONSHIP! **Why?: Well because, it's a FREE Entry for a chance at 1st place winning a BRAND NEW Kayak! (Check it out in the below image)

2nd- Optional $50 Entry fee and $5 Big Fish, if you want to fish for place money at the championship- you can! It's optional and not required, as the championship is a FREE entry. 

3rd- Championship Awards will be followed with a cookout, raffle prizes, and recognition of Angler of the Year! 

This is how we determine our Angler of the Year Scoring:
*Angler with most points at the end of the season will win Angler of the Year.
20 points- 1st Place
15 points - 2nd Place
10 points - 3rd Place
5 points – for every Angler who participated.

As you see below, we have added some more dates to our schedule! We are excited for these changes, and hoping to see all of you out on the water at the next event! Thanks for following along! We really hope this brings a better understanding to our events! If you should have any questions about the events, or want to sign up early feel free to contact us anytime at or (602) 361-5904! Until next time.....

Tight Lines, 

Alex Butel

Monday, June 22, 2015

CW and TBA Motor Less Summer Night Derbies!

Hi Wren Anglers!

How's the summer fishing going? As things are seriously heating up here in Arizona, things are also getting real hot for Cactus Wren Outdoors too! Recently we are proud to announce Total Bass Addicts have brought us into their team, as directors of the Motor Less Division Tournament Circuit! Exciting right? Wow, what a blessing that was- we are proud to bring such a wonderful organization for the Motor less community to enjoy. Who ever said legitimate tournament fishing was only for the glitter rockets!?! Huge thanks to Clay and Connie Lippincott for bringing Justin and I on board to Total Bass Addicts, we look forward to the future full of opportunity for all motor less anglers. 

So what are your thoughts on this? We've had some fun derbies in the past, and hosted a charity event with our favorite HOW guys. Those were nothing but a great time, so why not join in on TBA's Motor Less division. Sure, most of you see the buy in at $120- whoa..I know it's high. However, this is meaning with a 70% payback at 1-3 boats, you could be taking home a real pleasing check!! This is what legitimate tournament anglers are all about.  Quite frankly, this is ultimately what we are here to do. To bring a legitimate tournament circuit to the motor less community in Arizona. Sure- it's a gamble, but that's what tournament fishing is Justin likes to say "You just hand them your money, cast your skill to your full potential and hold onto your dignity hoping for the best!" After all it's all good fun, and you know us at Cactus Wren- we like to provide you enjoyable and memorable fishing experiences! So don't think you will go home empty handed even if you don't win at all. At each and every event- we provide snacks, drinks, lures to try out, and even raffle prizes too! So come on out, you will find yourself enjoying the experience and all the anglers participating in the event!

Now, some insight on how we do our judging- we do Catch, Photo and Release. Which is Anglers Catch their Large Mouth or Small Mouth Bass, Measure on their certified measuring board- showing their wristband and snapping a photo of that fish, then quickly throwing the fish back and documenting their catch on their scoreboard. You are allowed to document up to 10 fish, and then at weigh ins at the end of the tournament; You will only get the total of the 3 longest measured bass- Angler with the largest measurement of 3 total best fish will win. 1-3 boats payout. Which in other words means, if you have 10 boats, we will pay 3 spots 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Does this sound awesome or what? Also- we do another neat thing to admire Angler's skills and commitment to the circuit. We honor Angler of the Year at the championship event! How this works, is no matter what- each and every event you come to, every angler gets points. Angler with most points at the last event, before the championship will take home AOY! What an honor that is! This is the point system, for that. AOY Points:  Every Angler receives 5 points for participation. 
1st place- 20 points
2nd place - 15 points
3rd place- 10 points

So as this year is already flying right by us, we are holding Summer Night Derbies at Saguaro Lake in Butcher Jones Recreation Site. We really hope to see ya'll there. We are working on some real exciting things to get these things rolling in a good direction that benefits all of you Anglers. 
Our Night Tournament Dates are:
7/17/15 - 6:30 pm - 12:30 pm 
8/14/15 - 6:30 pm - 12:30 pm 
9/11/15 - 6:30 pm - 12:30 pm 

Championship to follow on 10/02/15 - 7:00 am - 2:00 pm. *Mystery Location to be announced!!
*Don't miss out on these events! You must fish the next 3 events to qualify for the Championship event- Championship 1st place winner will be taking home trophy, BRAND NEW Kayak, and of course your winning check!  This is why only Anglers who participate in all 3 of upcoming events can only qualify to fish in championship. Championship will follow a big celebration cookout; raffle prizes and recognition for Angler of the year, and of course the winners! :) I think you will all love this, as much as Justin and I do!
Now, if you’re thinking- I'm gone all summer and can't seem to make this work! Don't worry about it- TBA Motor Less Derbies will be coming with a 2016 Winter/Spring Circuit and a 2016 Summer Derby Circuit. So we really hope you stay tuned, and join us out on the water for some fun! :)

So if you haven't heard already, we had our 1st TBA Night Derby Friday June 19th! It was a success, and everyone had a wonderful time! Friday was a real hot day out on the water, however all the contestants did their best to cope. They went out with smiling faces, and fished their hearts out! Here's the results:
1st Place: Brian Soefje  - 20 points
2nd Place: Brett Perow  - 15 points
3rd Place: David Jacques - 10 points

It's not to late to join in, and get those points for Angler of the Year! :) We hope to see ya'll out there, and hope this brings a better understanding to our Motor Less Circuit! If you should have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to us, we'd love to chat and help you in any way possible. 602-361-5904 or email us at ! As well as check out our page on

Check out some of our photos from the event below, as well as Justin and mine's fishing expedition from the tournament that night. It seems the Bass love the heavy vegetation from summer; we were just tearing up the fish on Carolina and Texas rigging those CW Quail Tails in Howling Moon! Get hooked and get Wren Lures today at

As always, thanks for following along and fishing with Cactus Wren Outdoors- it means the world to us! Until next time guys....

Tight Lines,

Alex Butel

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hello Summer!

Hey Y'all!

How's everyone doing? How's the fishing been going? It seems like it's been awhile, again. The Wren family has recently been even busier than we've ever been. All is just wonderful though. Let's get you caught up, now- since you last heard from us a lot was changing in nothing but amazing ways. First, Justin and I recently officially tied the knot in April- what a dream that was. As if that wasn't enough excitement, we are super proud to announce that we will be having our 1st baby boy in October.  Nothing can ever go as planned, but you know what they say. "God laughs at your plans, for he has his own plan." 

It seems everything is falling right into place for us at Cactus Wren, the business is picking up and we are gaining more Wren Anglers than ever. We will never been able to fully express how much that alone means to us, we love fishing and bringing you quality handmade fishing products that will always guarantee " The reaction you've been waiting for!" We are very determined to bring this to be one of the very best family owned businesses. Now you know about our personal excitement lately, lets jump into the rest. :)

Since we last spoke- we were announcing our partnership with Johnny Johnson, that's been truly amazing. He's put out quite a few awesome episodes of just ripping lips at Lake Havasui and Roosevelt on Cactus Wren Quail Tails, Tullie Shakers, Canyon Craws and our Chowa Barbs. Yet, this is only the beginning my friends. We have super exciting things planned in store and are gearing up for a new special summer release, with him and some other local pros that you just might be thrilled about. So stay tuned with us about all details to be announced here real shortly...

You saw that we are headed into Shoppers Supply-, which is so awesome; we have had some unfortunate hold up. In the business world you need something called UPC Codes to be able to receive and comply with some big box stores, they were kind enough to wait for our process to go through and then gladly take us in. That's such a blessing to us. So while we patiently await those codes, we are eager to get another store stocked for customers to quickly get their hands on the "New Hot Bait" of the summer. :)

Next exciting note is, have you seen? Cactus Wren was featured in Mystery Tackle Box for the 2nd time- SURPRISE!!! Wow, did everybody really enjoy that. We featured our 4 in. Talking Sticks in that campaign, and boy do customers love em. Remember Wren baits are so versatile, while drop shot finesse fishing is the best results at times. You can find yourself loving to use Talking sticks as a jig trailer, wacky rig, Carolina rig, Texas rig, even weightless jerking those baits like a fluke will bring you lots and lots of wren fish.

We want to take a minute to appreciate our amazing Pro-Staff Team! Not only do they support and love the baits- they put them to good use always. We couldn't be more thankful for you guys! Congratulations to a wonderful tournament season guys! We are so proud of everyone! :) Here's our guys amazing results:
*Josh Taggart taking home 2nd place with a CW Quail Tails and Chowa Barbs at his MBC Championship this past weekend. 
* Tom Karavites taking home 1st place with CW in Let's talk fishin'  Pro Teams this past weekend.
* George Sisemore and Chuck taking home 2nd place with CW in Pro Teams and winning Angler of the year for a second year in a row!
*David Jacques traveling to New Mexico to fish another Kayak event- as well as fishing this weekend at a kickin bass event. 

Seriously, way to go guys! We can't wait to see what the future holds. Check out these local fishing circuits- it's a great time with good people who just love fishing. 

So, now we will be working to further products to be sold locally around Arizona. As well as continuing to bring you some new exciting baits and tackle to use here soon. So stay tuned with us, as our journey has only begun. You can find us following some local tournaments meeting new fishing buddies, and passing around samples to use. If you ever see us out and about at the lake- don't hesitate to say hello! Also- be on the lookout, we are planning our motor-less events to be started in the new year of 2016. Sure to be a great time! :) Thank your for reading along, and most importantly fishing with Cactus Wren Outdoors. Without our Wren Anglers, we wouldn't be here. :) Until next time... fish on friends!

P.S. Check out some neat photos below from the Wren Family, and Wren Anglers. :)

Tight Lines, 

Alex Butel

Sunday, March 8, 2015

So it's been a while, Happy Spring 2015!

Hi Everyone! :)

So, it's been too long since we've bogged. Our deepest apologies, things have been so busy for us- in nothing but a good way! However, we have lots of exciting things to update ya'll on. For one, how's everyone fishing lately? Drop shot any CW Talking Sticks or Quail Tails? TOTALLY RECOMMEND it, they are sure to deliver "The reaction you've been waiting for!" But you know this by now, check out our soft plastics NOW! Get ready for that amazing Arizona Spring Fishing...
Check it out here:

Let's jump right into it, so some big exciting news 1st- Cactus Wren Outdoors has partnered with Johnny Johnson! What a dream that is, we are incredibly excited and blessed for this opportunity. What a great guy Johnny is, he's so excited and JUST LOVES Fishing Cactus Wren Lure's! Right now, we are hard at work designing a Series of Johnny Johnson baits with CW. So Stay tuned for that, and meanwhile- watch some great episodes of Fishing with Johnny Johnson on Fox Sports every Wednesday at 12:00 pm and Sunday at 9:00 am... If you don't have cable you have tune in online, at: 

Next, is we are hard at work with joining some new stores around town. One of them being Shoppers Supply in Chandler, AZ. how neat right? They are great supply store, from gear to ranch supplies and to outdoor sporting goods. Go check it out now- stay tuned to see the full line of Cactus Wren Outdoors there! :) Visit for more information!

Lastly, as most of you know CW follows as many boat tournaments as possible to get free CW goods to all Arizona anglers that would like to try it for themselves. Lately, we've done some fishing derbies of ourselves for the motor-less community. What a blast those are- the group of anglers we bring together are such great people and loads of fun. We had one event in January at Apache Lake, and one event in February at the Salt River. Read the following results here:

1st Place: David Jacques 28 inches.
2nd Place: Kyle Kwaad 22 inches.BIG FISH: Kyle Kwaad 22 inches. 
No Third Place winner! Better luck next time!

NO FISH CAUGHT! :( What a tough day that was! Luckily everyone was a great sport.

However, Cactus Wren was real excited to implement some new events and point ranking systems to compete with the big boat circuit and start to legitimate things. Unfortunately, we had to reschedule all of our events until further notice. As a bummer as that may sound- it only means positive things are in the works for CW. We are devoting all of our energy to building a legitimate 2016 Motor-less Tournament Season. Stay tuned for more details, as we are VERY excited for this process. In the mist of all of this chaos- CW is trying to turn our 2015 Motor-less derbies into a FREE fishing club. Creating a decent size group of individuals gearing up for the legit 2016-tournament circuit with CW. Any thoughts? We would just meet at designated lakes and all fish together for fun practice. :) Hoping to keep our group of anglers together while still spreading the word about the derbies. Any help and all feedback is much appreciated, and as always we can't thank ya'll enough for your wonderful understanding. :)

Lastly, We want to welcome our NEW Pro-Staff members we've added- Tom Karavites and David Jacques. What great anglers and gentlemen these fellows are! We couldn't be more proud and excited for our futures together. CW is opening up a bracket on our Pro-Staff for motor-less anglers, ever interested? Submit your application to It's simple and a fun process- no matter what you may hear, CW Pro-Members are more like a family to us, we appreciate our anglers more than they'll ever know. After all we are chasing the same dream to be fishing for a living! In our circumstance, getting others fishing with CW for a living! ;) Check out our guys bio here: *Toms to be added this week! :)

All in all, we are very excited to what these last few months have brought to us! We are super pumped for the future as well. We cannot thank all of you CW Anglers and customers enough for what you’re doing for all of us. Believing and supporting us means the world to Justin and I, after all your bringing our dream to life. Our commitment to you, is to never stop innovating and pushing forward to create and produce the best tackle in Arizona, and the United States overall. :) Please tell us your favorite fishing story with CW lures- we love hearing from anglers and customers all around. Thank you for taking the time to read this and stay updated with us, we look forward to talking to ya'll again soon. Our You-tube channel should be updated here shortly this month- so bare with us and stay tuned for some killer videos. Enjoy spawn and the beautiful spring weather everyone! Until next time....
Tight Lines,
Alex Butel